Links you may find interesting and helpful:
    Irish Fair of Minnesota
    Merlin's Rest
    Minnesota Coalition of Scottish Clans
    Minnesota Tartan Day
    St. Andrew's Society of Minnesota
    Scottish American Center and Heritage Resource
    Scottish News in Minnesota (SNIM)
    Twin Cities Scottish Club
    Bagpipe Web [Bob Dunsire]
    Bagpipes of the World
    Highland Drumming Index
    Pipes | Drums
    Weird Bagpipes & Odd Pipers
    Hart Scottish Highland Dance
  Rince Na Chroi Irish Step Dancers
  Emerald Society of Minnesota
  Minnesota Law-Enforcement Memorial Association
  St. Louis Park Police Department Retirees
  Minnesota Fallen Firefighters Memorial Association
Pipe Band Associations
    Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association
    Alliance of North American Pipe Band Associations
    MidWest Pipe Band Association
    Southern United State Pipe Band Association
    Eastern United States Pipe Band Association
    Western United States Pipe Band Association
    Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band, St. Paul, Minnesota USA
    Macalester College Pipe Band, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
    Northern Constabulary Community Pipe Band, Inverness, Scotland
    Nottinghamshire Police Pipe Band, Nottingham, UK
    Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band, Rochester, Minnesota USA
    Strathclyde Police Pipe Band, Glasgow, Scotland
    St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band, Tallaght, Ireland
    Twin Cities Metro Pipe Band, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
    Gillie Company Email
    Isle of Skye Bagpipe and Drum Supplies
    The Celtic Croft
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